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Aloha ka kou;

Michael Akana and Leayne Trubell will be spearheading the 2011 family reunion. Our family is large as you well know and spread around the world. Michael and I would like to extend to all of you this opportunity for us to come together and reconnect, and some of us, connect for the first time. More information will follow, but if you need to request vacation time, these are the dates July2 - July 3

-----Save the Date!---
Akana Ohana Family Reunion July 2011
Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd
in Kona - Hawaii
We are calling together the families of:

    **Ami Lee
    **Aiona Akana
    **Ai Keanini
    **Emma Machado
    **Esther Todd
    **Joseph (Kepa) Akana
    **Rose Sayres
    **Martha Smith
    **Rebecca Tim Sing
    **William Akana
    **Albert (Poha) Lam
    **Ah Lin Loo
    **Mary Kealoha

We realize a trip to Hawaii for a several member family will take a little more financial planning which is why we are sending out the Save the Date announcement now.

We need your KOKUA /help:

* If you received this announcement by US mail
and you have an email please drop one of us
an email and help us reduce the amount of paper
and postage.

* If you know of a family member that did not
receive an announcement in the mail or by
email please have them contact one of us

* Last but not least please let us know if you
are planning on attending

Early Bird sign up. Your kokua / help is needed.
Please help us out with one of the following responses:

$20 -Early Bird" registration per person.
Help us offset cost for facilities, cost for
mailing, onsite supplies and...cover your
registration fee now. Price goes up
September 30th.

$10 -Keep me informed." Help with cost of
mailing and other administrative expenses.
We can deduct this from your registration
if you do attend.

$0 -"That's Nice" or "Thanks for the info" response.
We are happy to send out information with
a mailer or two to let you know how much
fun everyone (else) is planning to have.
Still you can help us out by:
--Providing an e-mail address.
--Providing contact info on additional family members.
--Letting us know if you think you may be coming.

If you are interested.... please contact us at E-Mail:  info@akana.net


Other information on the Akana family Network:

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